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Tent after use to organize and store a few suggestions
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Let outdoor camping tent must be equipped with, we all know, the tent fabric PU coating and silicone coating, and the vast majority of the seam of the tent line use waterproof tape laminated to waterproof purpose.

Tents use waterproof tape, and then stored folded, make waterproof tape bending under external oppression, likely to result in waterproof strips off.

However, due to the larger tent, under normal circumstances, subject to conditions, is unable to tent hanging storage, then we usually should be noted that in the admission tent what the Army brother in this reminder to everyone:

1, tent after use should be promptly washed off the dust and fixtures, but also the fabric on both sides of water vapor are wipe out be completely dry before folding and storage. This is a very major. If not completely dry storage, so that the fabric is easy to mold and occurrence of adhesions and other problems. Affect the service life of the tent!

, Tent dry completely folded store, try not to other items to pressure placed on the tent, waterproof adhesive tape material so as to avoid bending at the permanent fatigue unglued phenomenon to. (Personal experience, to find a carton specially designated for tents). I think many of my friends are not only a tent, specially designated for the induction is also conducive to the equipment custodian.

3, regular or irregular tent out Liangshai (half a day to avoid direct sunlight), refresh and then stored folded, this advantage is able to prevent the tent fabric mildew and adhesion, but also to make the tent bending at the water Caulking will not produce permanent fatigue, to extend the overall life of the tent.

Cleared, tents, with original pouch, compressed storage is not desirable.

By the way: The play equipment is to enjoy the process, this process is not simple "burning equipment, usually drawn empty finishing of equipment is actually a fun Oh!
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